Can you picture yourself living in a Geodesic Earthworks Kit home?  Can you imagine
having little or no expense related to the heating and cooling of your home because its design
spontaneously self-moderates the interior temperature to keep it within a comfort zone regardless
of the outside temperature?  How much easier would your life be without giving your hard-earned
money to the utility company? Could you find other things to do with your money than pay,
month in and month out, for utility costs born of an inferior home design?  Wouldn’t your
standard of living spontaneously rise to new levels?  How about your peace of mind?  Wouldn't
that be enhanced?  And what's that worth?  :)

Other News

Once the Geodesic Earthworks Kit Model Home is built, which will serve as the
offices for Geodesic Earthworks, this web-site will be modified to feature that
Model Home and allow prospective buyers complete information on the Geodesic
Earthworks Kit; even to take an online tour of our Model.  You will be able to view
the various standard floor plans.  You will be able to opt for custom plans as well.  

We are extremely excited about this product and so is almost everyone who hears
about it.  The e-mail we've received from all over the world has been very
encouraging and positive in the extreme!  We thank each of you for taking the
time to express your support and enthusiasm! Here's one of our favorites:

"Hey Jim,    Just came across your web page and wow, I'm really impressed!
I have been in construction for over 35 years. Your product and vision is just
what this struggling nation needs right about now. Tell me more as I'm very
interested... ."      ---  Alessandro R.     

Here's another:

"We think this type of construction is the only sound investment in home
building for the future."  – Brad S.  Cincinnati, Oh

Visionary Homeowners! Builders!
A revolution in the housing industry is about to erupt…and its color is GREEN!
The building paradigm shift is underway...and it is based in superior design!  

Please feel free to contact Jim Garofalo by e-mail at or call 518-
232-7239 with any questions and for latest developments!  
The Geodesic Earthworks Kit is the novel construction technology that just may cause a
Renaissance in the home building industry.
Today's homeowner typically faces three major expenses related to owning a home:

  •  the taxes: property and school, generally
  •   the mortgage payment on the home
  •  the utility payment

Taxes are pretty much considered a "given" and usually there are people in every    
community fighting this concern and more power to them.  Up until now in these
pages, we have talked about why and how the Geodesic Earthworks Kit conquers the
energy/utility concerns of homeowners.  But we're also taking aim at the mortgage
payment.  That is to say, we want you to own your home mortgage-free as quickly and
easily as possible, and the very uniqueness of the Geodesic Earthworks Kit could create
that opportunity in the form of a home based business.  

We haven't got all the details of this worked out yet, but this idea is being seriously
considered as a part of our overall marketing plan.  When ready, the details will be
listed herein.  
The Geodesic Earthworks Kit    
developers ponder the
indestructible geometry of the

Sculpture by:
Sue Waterhouse Creations
Lake Luzerne, New York