2) The Bucky-Tile: “Simplest” of Structures!

The Geodesic  Earthworks Kit, using an innovative, PATENTED strut/tile system, creates a novel building
technology that is quickly assembled, immensely strong, energy efficient and cost-effective.  This novel
building technology is possible by virtue of the “Bucky-Tile” (Respectfully named after Geodesic Dome
developer R. Buckminster Fuller):

Attributes of the Bucky -Tile:  

1)  A pre-cut, stamp-reinforced metal  tile with a
FINISHED interior surface
upon the tile's installation.
 That installation simply involves placing and
securing the Bucky Tile inside its custom strut that forms the  Geodesic Dome
framework! No insulation required, no sheet-rock or panel covering is
required!  You can enclose many square feet very rapidly saving time and
money.  Why is this so important?

Below is a picture of an unfinished Geodesic Dome interior.  This is a job
you'll never have to undertake with the Geodesic Earthworks Kit.  When we couple Earth-Sheltering
with Passive annual heat storage, the roof system becomes an extremely functional consideration (see
below), and fortunately the immensity of this finishing job becomes unnecessary!

(These Bucky Tiles are not insulated because we are allowing the heat to escape through them into the
surrounding dry earth bed where it is captured under the watershed-insulation blanket.  When the
weather turns cold, this trapped heat naturally gets drawn back into the living space.  See: "Why Earth-
sheltering" and the rationale for the Passive Annual Heat Storage technology)!

2)   Engineered to support loads associated with an exterior application of Gunite/mesh.  The interior
surface of the Kit shell has a finished interior surface.  The exterior of the shell acts as a form that does
NOT get removed!  The Gunite/mesh application then supports the recommended three foot earth-load!

"We literally stood at the computer with our mouths open.  It's amazing that even the   
simplest item [our Bucky Tile] can fill such a gap and marry two concepts [the Geodesic
Dome and Earth-sheltering] together!”  ---  Josh Little, Sane Solutions Consulting